BBQ & Co Grill


We were approached by BB&CO, a company dedicated to promoting BBQ culture in Japan, to develop a grill that fits into the setting of a Grill Master hosting guests. Through extensive research on various forms of BBQ grills and cooking methods worldwide, we aimed to create a grill that excels in simplicity and functionality. The result is the 'BBQ&CO GRILLER'. Our design features a side chimney where a fire is lit, allowing the hot charcoal to be easily transferred from the chimney to the grill for cooking. Through multiple prototypes, we achieved a size that enables the master to fully concentrate on grilling. Furthermore, the grill can be customized to accommodate different cooking styles, such as churrasco and rotisserie. By maintaining a constant fire, this compact grill enables continuous cooking, allowing for an ever-expanding grilling experience. The 'BBQ&CO GRILLER' represents a minimalistic form with a simple design that caters to both beginners and advanced users, delivering a versatile grilling solution.